National Scientific Center

National Scientific Center
Institute of cardiology was established 75 years ago as the largest clinical and research institution in Ukraine. Currently, we employ 720 persons, most of them researchers, teachers and professors. The institute has 340 beds and offers degrees in general and interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, clinical pharmacology, vascular biology. We have nearly 132 PhD and 32 physician scientists of Sciences.
Emergency Cardiology Department, as a sub-unit of the Institute of Cardiology, has about 900 patients/year with different acute cardiovascular disorders – acute coronary syndromes, decompensated heart failure, arrhythmias, complicated hypertensive crisis. Department has involved in molecular cardiology translational studies and genomic long-term collaboration with National Academy of Sciences institutions, in 25 multicenter randomized clinical trials with TIMI group (Boston, USA), Duke Research Institute (USA), PHRI (Hamilton, Canada), Oxford University (UK), Thrombosis Research Institute (London, UK) etc.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Parkhomenko 

Head of Department

Emergency Cardiology Institute of Cardiology

Narodnogo Opolchenia Street 5

03151 Kyiv



Phone: +38 (0) 44 2497015

Fax:    +38 (0) 442751633


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