metanomics GmbH

metanomics GmbH metanomics (MTX) and Metanomics Health - both BASF Group companies - combine state-of-the-art metabolite profiling (metabolomics) with in-depth biomedical data interpretation and scientific know-how in healthcare to improve the understanding of biochemical processes and discover both, simple and complex metabolomic biomarkers. Target areas are pre-clinical, translational and clinical biomarker discovery and validation, mechanism of action studies, interventional target identification and cell culture & bioprocess optimization. MTX offers unique pharmaceutical and chemical toxicology mechanism of action classification and prediction through its proprietary database, MetaMap®Tox. Metanomics Health GmbH will contribute to BestAgeing within the frame of special clause 10 (third parties linked to a beneficiary).
Dr. Dietrich Rein                Biomarker Development   Metanomics Health GmbH               Tegeler Weg33                               10589 Berlin, Germany                 Phone: +49 303 480 7322   
Contact:                           Dr. Philipp Schatz              Head of Biomarker Program  Metanomics Health GmbH    Tegeler Weg 33           10589 Berlin, Germany  Phone: +49 30 34807 411 Fax:     +49 30 34807 401