Gothe University Frankfurt

Gothe University Frankfurt
The University Frankfurt covers the full range of social and life sciences and is ranked among the top 24 Universities of Europe (Shanghai ranking, life science).

The Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration (Director: Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler) aims at elucidating the basic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases specifically focussing on translational aspects. The Institute employs approximately 30 persons including Postdoctoral scientists, PhD students and technical assistants. The Institute for Cardiovascular Regeneration has access to fully equipped state-of-the art laboratories for in vitro and in vivo studies on aging including molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, immunohistochemistry etc.

The Department of Medicine III, Division of Cardiology (Director: Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeiher) covers the entire range of cardiovascular diagnostics and therapies. Its scientific focus is related to the development of regenerative therapies and biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases. The Department employs 33 physicians. The Department has access to the large biobanks (DETECT study) and has established specific biobanks for bone marrow-derived cells and peripheral blood-derived cells.



Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dimmeler

Director of the Institute

Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration


Theodor-Stern-Kai 7

D-60590 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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